What’s the Bingo Points?

Full Step By Step Guide for Playing BINGO Biltz

Having Started off

How am I going to start playing?

The best way to start playing is to go to the LOBBY, pick the City you want to play in, and then press the PLAY button. Button. Button.

Okay, I picked the city and pressed the PLAY button. Click, right now?

Now pick the number of cards you want to buy to start playing in that space. You can opt to buy up to four cards to play in a single round.

How am I playing?

The best way to learn how to play BINGO Blitz is to visit the Demonstration Room! Tap to the left to click through our space carousel before the Tutorial Room appears.

The core gameplay of BINGO Blitz is similar to the regular Bingo.

The Bingo Card comprises 24 numbered spaces and one empty space in the middle. The numbers are randomly assigned to each card and are grouped in five columns of five numbers in five rows each.

The numbers are drawn randomly. The last few numbers you name are seen above your Bingo cards. You’re expected to mark them off the cards when they are called. On the right, the Number Display Board keeps track of all the numbers named in the game.

Your goal is either to mark off all four corners or to mark off a line of five numbers in a vertical , horizontal or diagonal row on one of your cards (rooms with special / different bingo patterns will illustrate the difference).


For our Slot Offers, it’s easy! Set the amount of coins you want to bet on, the number of paylines you want to bet on, and press the ‘SPIN’ tab! Paylines are read from left to right, so you’ll need at least three similar icons on a payline to get some form of payoff. If you happen to have the same five icons on your payline, you’ll automatically win the collection piece! If you already have three Scatter icons somewhere on your reels, you’ll obtain the Scatter item in that space, and you’ll also be able to play the Scatter mini-game for different prizes – just match to win!

So, how’s BINGO Blitz different from the regular Bingo game?

BINGO Blitz includes power-ups to help you get a bingo. BINGO Blitz cards also include Bonus Squares, and earn you extra rewards when you mark them correctly.

What are the various styles of Incentive Square?

Coin Square – Earn additional coins as you sign off.

Treasure Square – Earn a Treasure Chest when it is marked off.

Instant Win Square – Automatically win the Bingo as it is flagged off.

On a card, I crossed off the Bingo Pattern. How am I going to say Bingo?

There’s a button at the bottom of each card with the word BINGO on it. If you’re confident you’ve got a Bingo, press the button to assert it.

How can I be confident I’ve got a bingo?

If you say a Bingo and don’t have one, you’re going to make a BAD Decision and you’re going to lose your card. Making sure you are right before you call a bingo!

Using the Number Display Board to check the numbers. You will still use it to display numbers that have already been named that you may have skipped.

Why can you call more numbers after a player claims a bingo?

After the first Bingo wins, more numbers will be named to give you and other players a chance to win a runner-up bonus. You can see how many bingos are available to be named in a round at the top left of the table, and you can check your ranking for that round at the top right of the screen.

What more am I meant to know about BINGO Blitz?

BINGO Blitz has several other elements that contribute to the fun:

  • Groups – Invite Friends to exchange bonuses and help each other to earn additional items!
  • Classes – Play BINGO Cards to Earn XP and Hit Higher Ranks to Unlock Bigger Prizes!
  • Coins – Use Coins to Play Slots or Purchase Items, Keys, and Power-Ups from the Shop!
  • Credits – Use credits to buy BINGO cards.
  • Keys – Use the Open Treasure Chest Keys.
  • Treasure Chests – Treasure Chests hold random awards.
  • Collection Items-Complete and Switch Collections to earn extra incentives and prizes.
  • Gifts-Send and collect gifts to support your mates!
  • Daily Credits – Daily Credits are free Credits that you earn to play BINGO Blitz. Regular Credits are available once every 24 hours, so you’re going to have to log in to the game to earn them!

Power-Ups are fun, but I’m a purist of bingo, can I still enjoy playing BINGO Blitz?

If you want to play Bingo without the extra fun of Power-Ups, you can still play plain Ole Regular Bingo by choosing Plano.

How to do it

How am I going to earn more credits?

Credits are added every day that you have access to the game, and you can raise the amount you earn by:

Completing and redeeming a list package

More bingo mates – or through credit gifts from them, or through the Regular Credit Bonus to welcome new players.

You will earn your credits by:

Getting to a Bingo

Locking Treasure Chests

Achieving those benchmarks of the weekly Bingo Stage

You will also gain credits by leveling them up, as well as by pressing the + button to the right of your credit balance at the top of the game.

How am I going to get more coins? What are they used to do?

You will earn the coins by:

Getting to a Bingo

Finding them in Treasure Chest

Correctly deleting Coin Squares on a Bingo Card

Play Slots

Coins can also be won by:

Leveling things up

Achieving those milestones

Clicking on the BINGO Blitz wall posts of your teammates

You can also turn credits to coins by clicking on the + button next to your coin balance.

Coins can be used in the shop to buy Keys to open treasure chests, Power-Up Packs to add or reload the amount of power-ups that you have, and Selection Pieces to complete the package.

What are the Treasure Chests? How am I going to open them?

Treasure Chests hold a variety of rewards, such as Coins, Keys, Power-Ups, Credits, and Collection Pieces.

You will win Treasure Chests by the following:

Correctly deleting Treasure Squares on a Bingo Card

You will add additional Treasure Squares to your Bingo card(s) by using Treasure Power-Up.

Treasure Chests can be unlocked easily by using the Keys button. If you’re out of the keys, you can ask your teammates to help you out, or you can buy more coins from the store.

What are the various power-ups and how can I use them?

In BINGO Blitz, there are many types of power-ups:

Coin Square – Apply the Random Coin Square to one of your New Play Cards.

Single Daub – Applies Random Free Space to each of your New Play Cards.

Double Daub – Attaches two random free spaces to each of your new play cards.

Instant Win * – Applies an Instant Win Space to each of the New Cards in Play.

Treasure Square * – Apply the Random Treasure Square to one of your Current Cards in Play.

Double Winnings * – Double your Coin and Credit Winnings for the Latest Round.

Double XP * – Double the amount of XP you have earned for the current round.

Mega Battery – Charges extra fast power-up meter.
* This can only be used once per game.

You will get Power-Ups by accidentally finding them in Treasure Chests, purchasing them from the shop, or collecting them as Gifts from your Teammates.

If the majority of your Power-Ups are ‘once a turn,’ please remember that you are likely to be asked to buy more Power-Ups during the round, as the game would not be able to produce a Power-Up that can be used more than once (like a Single Daub or Instant Win).

What’s Set Items?

During the BINGO Blitz game, you will come across Selection Objects that will be added to your account at random. Every town has a set of 12 items: they can be bought through the shop, obtained from Treasure Chests, earned as gifts from your friends, or through Shadow Cards. (Shadow Cards are bingo cards that show the silhouette of the selection object in the background; they will be rewarded when you have a bingo on that card.)

Completing a series of Selection Items for each city will award you with either extra Regular Credits or big, one-time credits.

What’s the Bingo Points?

Each time a buddy has a Bingo, Bingo Points will be credited to the weekly total (higher-level cities will add more Bingo Points with each Bingo). Hitting such Bingo Point thresholds during the week will trigger prizes for you; you can verify this progress by clicking on the Credit Bag icon next to the Buddies icon (which shows a couple of colorful kittens!) on the left side of the lobby. Remember, any time you get a bingo, it’s going to help your mates out!

How is the Free Regular Tournament going to work?

The Tournament Room provides five free rounds per day, and the cumulative score of the five rounds will be scored as your regular Tournament Score for that day. The more you score, the more prizes you reap, all in an attempt to win all the 12 gems that make up the Tournament Crown. The top results will be posted on our Global Leaderboard.

How does the score work? It’s all based on the coins you get from bingos and called coin squares; post-round coins unlocked from treasure chests won’t count. One bingo adds 50 coins to the limit of the current round; the first, second, or third-place bingo adds a little extra, based on the number shown for that round. For correctly dubbed coin squares, a random number is added to the total; the more coins you dubb, the more coins you win for that round, making it easier to earn more coins than a bingo or two.