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You can level up as a chef by the accumulation of ingredient points, which can unlock items like bonus point earnings, ingredient bonuses on a calendar, and more for the benefit of that particular game mechanic.

As previously covered via the XP earnings, there is also a daily leveling mechanism, as well as the star rating dependent on accumulating items in different cities.

Then there’s Playtika’s own scheme of Playtika Incentives, which we listed in previous Playtika game reviews that offer you higher bonus sizes depending on what amount you’ve earned. Your rating is retained in the whole suite of applications, so you get a few more benefits over all the other gamers by leveling up there.

If that’s not enough, there’s also a collection of slots that are generally tolerant of betting and maybe earning more gold coins and/or bingo points. There is a library of slot rooms you can enter, much as in the slots, each with 12 achievements to win. Typically, group contributions fell into one of a few patterns:

Five of a Kind: If you have the symbol on the slot as a five of a kind, certain slots award a collection object.
Bonus Rounds: Others have icons you choose and you win when you match them. Coins, bingo points or collection pieces may be the prizes.
Wheel Spins: There are wheel spins in several slots where the prizes are coins or set pieces. Bet big enough and if you didn’t get what you wanted / needed and want to try again, you will be given a free re-spin.

This is not the main objective of playing Bingo Blitz, but since the coins will be useful in purchasing bingo power-ups, it is not anything to neglect. Although XP can also be rewarded by slots, the rewards are limited compared to playing Bingo, so as part of the overall drive to win achievements in the game, it can help you advance to greater stages (and level-up bonuses).
Gathering Bonuses for Bingo Points


It seems like a virtually infinite way of earning bingo points, like most Playtika games:

  • Regular Bonus: You can receive your daily reward once a day (technically, every 23 hours).
  • Regular Wheel Spin: You’ll get a free wheel spin to earn power-ups, gold coins or bingo points right after that.
  • Completing Bingos: Each time you bingo, you can earn Bingo Points. When the power-up is triggered during the round, this prize will be multiplied.
  • Treasure Chests: A number of rewards, including bingo points, can involve winning treasure chests when playing bingo. When you start a game, the higher your bingo level, the bigger the reward will be.
  • Leveling Up: One of the awards that you get as you level up is Bingo Points.
  • Completing Bingo Collections: Completions of the bingo set come with rewards that rise as you get to more costly rooms. There are three sets of limited time rooms that have escalating rewards upon completion.
  • Recipes Making: Each finished recipe gives you both Bingo Points and Ingredient Points.
  • Completing Recipe Collections: Completion of the recipe compilation comes with a sizeable bonus that increases with each collection completed within the recipe package.
  • Completion of special events: Usually completing phases of a special event will earn you Bingo Points, and you will receive a sizeable
  • Bingo Point bonus if you complete all the phases (or reach a high enough rank in the competitive events).
  • Limited Time Room Activities: Most limited time room events provide some form of chance to gain Bingo Points.
  • Facebook Presents: Facebook gives three gifts a day, and Bingo Points are also a gift.
  • Friend Gifts: Friends will send you items like power-ups, slot spins, and bingo points.
  • App Warnings: Several times, app alerts will take you to a Bingo Point reward and other extras.
  • Regular Tournaments: Tournaments are not a lucrative way most of the time to generate Bingo Points, but you can pick up a few more and it’s a free entry.
  • The menu: Depending on how many bingos your friends make, there’s also a spot to win a few more bingo points.

With me still? The game has lots of aspects, and there are a lot of items to track before they become second nature for a while. But if you’re good at understanding how and where you can collect Bingo Points, when you have them, you can get more mileage out of them and not run out too soon, encouraging you to play for a while.

BINGO Blitz builds on the original idea of Bingo

What’s the Bingo Points?

Play Bingo Blitz For Free Offline