BINGO Blitz builds on the original idea of Bingo

BINGO Blitz builds on the original idea of Bingo and injects a whole new world of thrilling gaming that involves selection of objects, power-ups, achievements, and more. Each game is played in real time, versus countless other players from around the globe. As in standard Bingo, a player can have several cards at a time, but something can happen when power-ups come to play in this special gaming experience. For extra fun, BINGO Blitz provides over 25 foreign themed bingo rooms (such as Madrid , Spain) to bring a little flavor to the game and, of course, to discover new selection pieces. The player has to pay to play bingo coins that he collects and accumulates. As an added bonus, the player can visit some of the slot rooms to win different sets and awards, if desired. While the game does not contain any objectionable content and actual money is not needed to play, it is rated for older players (12 and up) due to the moderate gambling aspect of the game.

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BINGO Blitz demands a lot of energy and concentration on the game, or else he may risk losing a hearing or getting a number called, which hinders the player ‘s opportunity to get Bingos. This leads to a frantic and exhausting encounter as he attempts to keep up and search his card(s) for some match.

Inattentive players are also at risk of missing chances for a Bingo and are effectively losing the Bingo credits that they had to use to reach the round. In comparison, the more cards the player uses (max is 4), the higher and better his concentration has to be. The more cards he gets, the more numbers he has to look for without any additional time, than if he had just one card. More cards, too, leave more space for mistake. As if these demands were not enough, realizing his own Bingo gets more challenging as his cards get more crowded with daubs in the game.

Unfortunately, it’s too easy to skip a Bingo right in front of his eyes, particularly when trying to balance his focus to keep up with the new numbers being called. The better his ability to spread his focus, the lower his chance of mistake and missing opportunities in Bingo.

As mentioned above, the player has the option to use one to four cards in a single BINGO Blitz round. More cards mean a better chance of collecting collectibles, power-ups, keys to open treasure chests, and, of course, having Bingo. This comes at a expense, though, with the game becoming more difficult with extra cards and leaving more space for mistake.

At first, the player will find this too stressful or challenging. Therefore, he might end up “biting off more than he can chew” for an enhanced chance to win the above listed products and bingos. It ‘s important for him to fight the temptation to pick up the stakes at first, because it can discourage him more than it benefits him. With more time playing and learning the Concentration skills described earlier, its ability to juggle more cards will improve, causing more cards to be more beneficial than dangerous.Blitzy_Credits

Every card used costs Bingo credits, but if it fails to practice Self-Control skills while taking the chance of additional cards, it will end up losing valuable Bingo credits (which are not that easy to get through) if it is not ready for the challenge.

Self-Control is also critical for power-ups. They are hard to collect, and the timing of their use can be either inefficient or beneficial. It’s very tempting to use them when they’re available in a circle, particularly when the power-up button is blinking and begging to be pressed. Doing it while the round is almost over may be a loss if it’s clear that the player won’t get a Bingo until the time comes to an end, since power-ups offer the greatest prizes if he has a Bingo.

However, based on the power-up and the amount of Bingo left in the round, it could potentially improve his odds of getting Bingo when used earlier in the round. Exercise Self-Control to stop using it at a “wrong” moment will help prevent wasting credits and improve the odds of winning more credits by having Bingos.