All about Bingo Blitz


Bingo Blitz is part of the Playtika family of software and, as such, connects to its numerous services, but by the way of providing a comprehensive Bingo scheme, it provides a very different game experience. Although the app still has a slots family, they are not as thrilling as what is found in the other slot games, and are mainly supportive of producing more Bingo blitz credits.

As such, I will concentrate more of my analysis on this game’s Bingo aspects, which have both benefits and drawbacks, and how this app (and Facebook game companion) blends into their ecosystem.

Bingo Blitz’s main aim is to play bingo and get bingo. There are a number of secondary targets, like many Playtika games, and we’ll work over them one by one.

The game presents a series of rooms separated into two main categories:

Cities: Cities are common spaces, clustered together in 5 sets.
Limited Time Rooms: Themed and limited time rooms, with their own special missions and achievements, constantly come and go in the game.

You’re hoping to bingo with each city or to collect gems that give you one of 12 collection pieces. You’ll get a Bingo Point boost for finishing a set. You get a star for the 15 in the 5-city groups any time you collect 4 items inside the same set, and you can even receive prizes when you hit those star markers.

There are different ways you can play, but it helps to know how the bingo rooms are set out to start with.

Playing Bingo itself is how the items are collected; you can opt to play between one and four cards on four distinct levels in each city. The more cards you can win, and the higher the rank, the faster the XP, the more prizes and bigger bonuses you can earn, and the more things you have the chance to catch in a bingo.

In their stocks, Limited Time Rooms normally have three sets of 6 items and no star earnings. For completing the collection, each set of 6 has a Bingo coin bonus; complete all 3 and you can re-complete the final (Gold) stage to get the bonus over and over.

Every bingo round has items that you can win, such as gold spaces (which earn you gold coins), treasure chests (which can contain a variety of rewards such as bingo points, gold coins, baskets of ingredients, power-ups, and items for special events or quests), and pieces.

If you can see above, on handheld devices, two bingo cards can be seen at a time; the green arrow reveals more bingo cards available in the case of my screenshot (since you can play up to four at a time). You can see all four at once on the desktop; for that reason, I find the mobile edition a little more difficult to play more cards.


Traditionally, bingo is done by completing a row across / down / diagonally or achieving four corners, although it may be possible to achieve such special limited time games differently.

You can trigger power-ups as you mark spaces, which can mark extra spaces, add treasure chests or gold spaces to the board, mark off extra spaces, activate XP or prize multipliers, reveal the bingo spaces can be marked depending on the numbers named, or even give a wild space to instantly complete a bingo line.